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The main blemishes treatable with Biowave System.

Treat acne
with Biophotonic technology

Acne treatment with biophotonic therapy is indicated for all types of acne, including the most severe ones. The different wavelengths selectable on the device, allow radiation, to penetrate the depth of the dermis to eliminate bacteria and stimulate skin repair.

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Stop skin aging with Iontophoresis and Ultrasonic

The technique of ultrasound therapy has proved to be one of the best methods for treating facial skin. The therapy manages to achieve effects very similar to those given by the traditional surgical facelift but excluding pain and post-intervention consequences that require a lot of time for recovery.

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Wrinkles and furrows of the skin treated with Ionophoresis therapy

The wrinkles of the face, represent, both for men and women, a "problem" to be solved or, at least, to be attenuated. Wrinkles are skin furrows that appear as a result of the natural muscular movement of the face and body.

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Erase dark circles and bags under the eyes with ionophoresis + photonics + ultrasound therapy

The bags under the eyes, which weigh down the eyes, as well as genetic factors can be caused by external factors, such as stress, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse, smoking etc.

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Treat dehydrated skin and oily skin with Iontophoresis Clean + Photon Blue Led

Treating dehydrated skin and oily skin with the combined method Ionophoresis Clean + Photon Led Blue proves to be an excellent system to combat both facial skin conditions.

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Biophotonic therapy to treat skin blemishes

The biophotonic therapy is an innovative high-tech system that uses a conductive gel and an electronic device capable of generating cold light radiations, to stimulate the skin's own repair at the cellular level and to prevent aging of the face by stimulating the rejuvenation processes without the use of drugs.

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Treating couperose

Cuperose is a skin lesion that mostly affects the face, where reddish patches are appreciated as a result of the dilation of the blood capillaries.

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Melasma or chloasma gravid

The spots of the pregnant chloasma are formed on those parts of the body most exposed to the sun: the melasma can, therefore, appear very often on the face and on the upper lip and, more rarely, also on the arms and legs.

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Remove broken capillaries

In the female population, mainly in the regions of the legs but also on the face, it is visible on the surface of the skin, a sort of spiderweb made up of red or bluish veins. Doctors technically define the disorder of broken capillaries "telangiectasias". The capillaries break out for a series of reasons, the most frequent: genetics, sun damage, rosacea, skin traumas and aging

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