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Biowave System, uses the most advanced scientifically approved technologies, incorporated in the Biowave Face Lifter, a Hi Tech device that makes available, the most important therapy programs used in the centers of aesthetic medicine and beauty salons.

The revolutionary innovation is that finally, thanks to the Biowave System, technologies and therapies are now available from home, at any time you want.
The system is unisex suitable for women, men and teenagers.
The beauty tool is distributed in a professional case that includes a set of cosmetics, Biowave Skin Care, and a multifunction device, Biowave Face Lifter can provide 5 programs in one system:

Galvanic iontophoresis-, (Clean-)
Galvanic iontophoresis + (Nutri +)
Ultrasound, (Ultrasonic)
Bio Photonic (Red-Green-Blue LED Photon)
Micro massage (Relax)
Normally these programs with these treatments are performed by aesthetic doctors and cost thousands of euros per session. Even in beauty centers, the treatments performed have a high cost of sitting to which you must add the time needed for the session and the time taken to move from home on the spot.

Newskin Srl has studied a Home self-treatment system (for domestic use) that makes the user independent from doctors and aesthetic centers.
With a few hundred euros, you can have an effective, safe and painless system to use for any type of treatment: routine maintenance, to combat aging, or to solve complex problems such as acne, blemishes or other imperfections of the skin

The Biowave System kit provides:

Bioware Face Lifter a portable, portable device powered by rechargeable battery,
Biowave Skin Care, a line of cosmetics with a bio formulation designed specifically for the instrument
 BioWave Skin Care Guide is a collection of best practices that includes a set of procedures and experiences gathered by a team of experts, to advise the user on the best treatment and to guide him on the correct use of the appliance.
Erasing wrinkles, making the face toned, luminous and compact, eliminating the bags under the eyes, erasing acne and blemishes, now becomes possible with 95% savings on costs that would normally be incurred for sessions by doctors or beauty centers

Biowave System represents the new frontier of the beauty world: beauty, without costs, without physical pain, without exhaustion, beauty within everyone's reach!
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