Kit Biowave System

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Newskin Kit Biowave System Biowave System represents an economic alternative to expensive treatments in beauty salons, spas and.. Product #: KBS001 Regular price: $250.00 $250.00
Brand: Newskin
Product Code: KBS001
Availability: In Stock



Biowave System is a clinically proven anti-aging system to smooth wrinkles, increase collagen production, restore volume, define facial contours, fight acne and lighten skin spots. Biowave System uses the same professional technologies used by dermatologists from all over the world. Biowave System represents a valid alternative to aesthetic interventions and filler injections.

The kit includes:

Bioware Face Lifter, a portable device, handheld rechargeable battery
Biowave Skin Care, a set of biocosmetics
Skin Care Guide, a step by step guide to skin care

Biowave System allows you to reduce wrinkles, make tonic, bright and compact the face, eliminate, the bags under the eyes, erase acne and spots.
The system saves 95% of expenses, as well as supporting sessions of cosmetic medicine centers and beauty salons.



1 x Biowave Face Lifter hi-tech electronic device with pedestal
1 x Biowave Skin Cleaning
1 x Biowave Hyaluronic Serum
1 x Biowave Skin Peeling
1 x Glasses
1 x Charge the battery with USB cable
1 x Wipes set
1 x Professional aluminum case, with components
1 x Guide "best practice for skin care



Iontophoresis: Galvanic currents that convey the active ingredients in the depth of the dermis. In the cleaning phase, the ION + molecules are encapsulated with impurities and expelled to the surface.
Ultrasound: Inaudible frequencies (3Mhz) that transmitted in the depth of the skin increase the temperature of the tissue, increasing the oxygenation of the cells and the production of collagen
LED Photon: LED light of different frequencies that have the property of fighting acne, spots and other skin instants. Furthermore, the production of colagens is stimulated
Micromassages: Microvibrations at a rate of 12,000 rpm in the deep dermis at the second, have the ability to soften the residue of cosmetics in the pores, grease and blackheads.


Material: plastic (ABS)
Treatment head: stainless steel
Dimensions: Height 60mm / Length 190mm / Width 50mm
Weight: 159 g
Frequency of ultrasound: 3 MHz
Intensity of ultrasound: 0.05 - 0.20 W / cm2

Power supply)
Input: AC 100-240V 50 / HZ
Output: DC 5.0 V l.OA
Recalctable unit
Lithium-ion battery: 1150 mAh
Input voltage: 5 V / 1 A
Tension (max) to the treatment head: 5 - 30 V (± 10%)
Protection class: III (very low safety voltage Recommended recharge time: about 3 hours per rechargeable unit
Electrical safety: the power supply is classified as double Class insulation


Wavelength of blue light: 465 ± 3 nm
Wavelength of red light: 625 nm
Wavelength of red light525 ± 3 nm
Wavelength of green light 592 ± 3 nm



Skin Cleaning 200 ml: Conductive, moisturizing and cleansing gel, contains natural active ingredients: ideal for removing impurities and make-up without altering the hydrolipidic film
Hyaluronic Serum 50 ml: Cream with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, works in conjunction with the ionophoresis program for anti-wrinkle treatments
Skin Peeling 50 ml: 8% glycolic acid cream enriched with antioxidant active ingredients. Its exfoliating effect on the skin allows the underlying skin to regenerate

How to use

Before starting treatment it is advisable to read the guide.

Apply the gel or cream on the treatment head of the device or alternatively on the area to be treated.
Turn on the device, set the treatment duration, select the program *, the power level, then confirm the settings. Position the head of the device on the area to be treated and move it slowly on the face from the bottom of the chin to the top of the ear. At the expiry of the set time a beep will be heard to signal the end of treatment so the device will automatically turn off
Once the treatment is finished, remove the excess gel with a towel.


* Biiowave Face Lifter, allows you to use multiple programs in sync. To use several therapy programs simultaneously, pause the device with the Confirm key, select the desired program, confirm again to start treatment with the selected programs. To switch off the appliance, press the Power button


Do not use the Biowave Face Lifter device in the following cases:

if you are a pacemaker or in the presence of arrhythmias or any other serious heart disease
in the presence of any metallic medical device or piercing implanted in the treatment area
in the presence of any type of suspected lesion in the treatment area
in an attractive or breastfeeding state
if immunosuppressed or diabetic
in the presence of platelet cases with consequent coagulation problems and in case of use of anticoagulant drugs
if you have used isotretinoin in the last two months
in case of doubt regarding pathological conditions or drugs that could affect the treatment it is advisable to consult the opinion of your doctor

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