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TThe Biowave Face Lifter massager is an extraordinary tool, not only to combat skin aging, but also for skincare routines, to cleanse, moisturize and make the skin more toned and luminous.

The face massager Biowave Face Lifter is a small domestic multifunction device, easy and intuitive to use, has an ergonomic and attractive design and contains within it the most innovative and effective in the field of aesthetic medicine: Iontophoresis, ultrasound, bio photonics, micro massages. These technologies, which can be used for skin care programs, can be easily activated through a convenient display on the front of the device.

The face lifter is an advanced multitasking device, portable, rechargeable like a smartphone, which frees you from the slavery of the beauty centers and that, in addition to solving skin problems, saves time and money.

The Biowave Face Lifter massager is part of a complete system contained in a professional suitcase and works in synergy with the Biowave Skin Care bio cosmetics set, also included in the "beauty briefcase" the instrument allows an effective penetration of the active ingredients deep in the dermis, cosmetic creams otherwise destined to remain on the surface of the skin with very limited effects.

The face massager is therefore a valid non-invasive alternative to botox, collagen or hyaluronic acid bites, traditionally used in dermatological centers to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. The downside of such treatments is that it gives rise to collateral effects not really desired.

The user who buys the Biowave Face Lifter massager, is not left alone, suggestions and advice for treating the skin are contained in the appropriate guide that accompanies the instrument. Regular anti-wrinkle massage to the face is a great way to stimulate the growth of collagen to flesh out and redefine the contours of the face.

The key word for regenerating tissues and stretching wrinkles with the Biowave Face Lifter is: "constancy". Practicing the recommended treatments with the prescribed regularity, the results will not be delayed!practice the recommended treatments with the prescribed regularity!

Say goodbye then to appointments in beauty salons, and goodbye to travel in the city traffic, goodbye even to the exhausting sessions by the doctor or beautician. With Biowave Face Lifter treatments can be customized at home according to your needs, at any time of the day!

Here are the most common treatments possible, to maintain or cure your skin with Biowave Face Lifter

  • Deep skin cleansing
  • Deep hydration
  • Wrinkle reduction without punctures
  • Improvement of the skin texture
  • Modeling of the face with the elimination of swelling and reduction of the double chin
  • Reduction and elimination of dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Reduction of acne and pimples
  • Whitening and reduction of spots and scars
  • Performing pleasant and effective micro facial massages
  • Cellulite reduction and water retention
  • and much ... much more
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