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skin scrub

Skin Srub is part of the new series of beauty devices launched by Newskin, the technological farm that created Biowave System, the "Beauty Briefcase" that so much favored the beauty market. Skin Scrub is sold in tandem with Skin Pelling and Skin Modeling, the biocosmetics of the Biowave Skin Care line by Mauro Montebove, creams in use for several decades in the most prestigious Italian and European beauty centers.

body slim

After the launch of the Biowave System kit, Newskin expands its range of beauty devices designed to improve the condition of the skin. They are devices of high design, ergonomic and easy to use, but above all effective for reducing wrinkles, bags under the eyes, improving skin laxity, reducing laculitis, burning fat, sculpting the body.domestic use

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