Micro massages - Relax program

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The Relax function (micro massages), activated on Biowave Face Lifter, allows pleasant and relaxing micro massages.
The program helps the absorption of cosmetic ingredients in the depth of the skin. It is able to activate and accelerate the local micro-circulation of the facial areas of the dermis and muscular tissues.

The micro vibrations at a frequency per second 12,000 rpm in the deep dermis, can soften the residue of cosmetics in the pores, fat, blackheads, help ease the discharge of oil secretion, remove deep acne and blackheads, pimples and training of cosmetics residues.

The dual mode of the Relax program allows you to select the continuous or alternate option and adjust the intensity of the message according to your needs while respecting the sensitivity of each type of skin. The result is a deep cleansing of the skin giving immediately splendor and smoothness to the face.

The Relax option can be combined with other functions (Clear +, Nutri -, Photon, Ultrasonic) that can be easily activated on the device.

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