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Biowave System is the set of studies, methods, products and technologies developed to treat and improve the appearance of the skin. In practice it is a kit distributed in a case that contains an advanced electronic device, a set of bio cosmetics, a practical guide, which collects programs, methods of treatment and suggestions for a correct use of the system

The briefcase includes the Biowave Face Lifter the beauty device and accessories, the Biowave Skin Care bio cosmetics line, the Biowave Skin Guide

Biowave Face Lifter plays a central role in the Biowave System. It is an advanced hi-tech instrument (device) intended for the maintenance and rejuvenation of the face. The device is derived from larger machines, used for a long time in beauty centers, beauty salons and spas around the world. It differs from the latter for a lower power and for the possibility of being intended for domestic use. The device can in fact be used for skin care in the privacy and comfort of your own home with the advantage of becoming independent of beauty centers allowing significant savings. Regarding its functionality, Biowave Face Lifter is multifunctional and multitasking and integrates the latest state-of-the-art skin care technologies. The beauty device is: handheld, portable, rechargeable, cordless and mobile like a smartphone.

Biowave Face Lifter is a multifunction device and multitasking therefore integrates in its interior the most advanced technologies able to combine different programs, functions and treatment technologies such as: Ionophoresis, Ultrasound, Biophotonics, Micromassages

Multitasking means that Biowave Face Lifter is able to perform multiple treatment programs simultaneously, such as: Ultrasound + Led Photon + Relax-Micro massages. The advantage of multitasking is that in this way the treatment program can be optimized in order to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment session, saving time and money.

The "skincare" of Biowave System provides self-maintenance treatments for the daily routine, such as deep facial cleansing, anti-aging treatments for wrinkle reduction, treatments for splitting stains, treatments to treat acne, treatments for treat the most common skin blemishes.

Biowave System has studied the Biowave Skin Care line of bio cosmetics able to operate in perfect synergy with Biowave Face Lifter. The line includes three basic products:

Skin Cleaning a conductive gel enriched by a skilful mix of active ingredients. The cosmetic bio is suitable for all treatment programs. particularly indicated for deep cleansing of the face, and for the preparatory phase of the ionophoresis program for anti-wrinkle treatment

Hyaluronic Serum a cream enriched with numerous active ingredients, used in the ionophoresis program, to allow the penetration of the hyaluronic acid into the depth of the dermis without the need for bites or other invasive methods.

Skin Peeling an 8% glycolic acid cream. Used together Biowave Face Lifter with Ultrasound + Micro massage programs allows rapid and total exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin, allowing the cells to improve the turnover

Body Modeling an anti-cellulite cream, not included in the case, but available in the shop. Body Modeling is suitable for working in tandem with Biowave Face Lifter to shape the body and to counteract skin and cellulite.
 The "skincare" of Biowave System provides self-maintenance treatments for the daily routine, such as deep facial cleansing, anti-aging treatments for wrinkle reduction, treatments for splitting stains, treatments to treat acne, treatments for treat the most common skin blemishes.

Biowave Skin Care cosmetics have the following properties:

  • they are ionized and can be applied with ionophoresis, ultrasound and LED photon technology they are extracts of natural roots
  • they are composed of a complex of active ingredients of proven efficacy
  • are guaranteed without PEG: silicones - parabens - dyes
  • they are dermatologically tested and their compatibility with the skin has been verified

No, Biowave Face Lifter has been tested to operate with the Biowafe Skin Care cosmetic line. It is also recalled that the Skin Cleaning conductive gel has been studied ad hoc to promote greater smoothness on the skin and to improve photo conductivity in the ionophoresis and photon process. The bio cosmetic Hyaluronic Serum is structured with a low molecular weight to promote the penetration of hyaluronic acid in the deep layers of the dermis. The 8% glycolic acid of Skin Peeling is designed to work in combination with the gel and micro massages of Biowave Face Lifter. The device + bio cosmetics complex allows to optimize the peeling process to regenerate new facial skin layers.

Biowave Face Lifter is an advanced digital device of the latest generation derived from skin care machines existing in major centers of aesthetic medicine, beauty salons and spas. Its peculiarity consists in having it made small, cordless, mobile like a smartphone. The device is widely used for the daily maintenance of the face and body, for the reduction of wrinkles, for acne care, for the clearing of skin spots, for the contrast to skin laxity, for the reduction of dark circles and bags underneath the eyes, for the natural simulation of collagen and elastin growth. The technologies incorporated in the device allow the implementation of the major treatment programs used in aesthetic medicine such as: Ultrasonic, Iontophoresis articulated in the subprograms Clean +, Nutri-, Relaxation Microvibrations, Bio phototonic Led

Ultrasound, Iontophoresis, Biophotonics, Micromassages

Ultrasound exploits the tiny oscillations generated by acoustic frequencies that are imperceptible to the human ear (3Mhz). They have the property to go deep and turn into heat, thus stimulating the production of new collagen fibers, the structural proteins of the skin that support the tissues, making them tonic and compact. Ultrasound, besides having a lifting action, improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Ultrasonic in Biowave Face Lifter is the program that allows the deep cleansing of the skin, the diminution of skin laxity of the chin, the reduction of dark circles, bags under the eyes, the reduction of wrinkles, the reduction of cellulite. Obviously the various treatments, for a better efficacy must be accompanied by the use of bio cosmetics of the Biowave Skin Care line

Galvanic ionophoresis is the method used in medicine to penetrate the active ingredients in depth. In the Biowave Face Lifter device, microcurrents are generated that are able to convey active ingredients in the depths of the dermis. This operation is favored by the Skin Cleaning gel enriched by a mix of active ingredients that act immediately on the skin and with constant use on the natural growth of collagen. The preparatory phase carried out with the Clean- ionophoresis program, in combination with the Skin Cleaning gel, aims to dilate the pores, cleanse, remove impurities and moisturize the skin. The lysine molecules (ION-) contained in the gel, are able to encapsulate the impurities attracted by the treatment head (ION +) of the device, and expelled out. Completed the preparatory action follows the phase (Nutri-). The treatment head (ION-) flowing on the skin of the face, pushes into the depths of the dermis the hyaluronic acid contained in the micromolecules (ION-) of the bio cosmetic Hyaluronic Serum. This action allows to obtain effects similar to hyaluronic acid stings without pain and without the cost and the invasiveness caused by the bites.

Biowave face Lifter photonic therapy with LED lights in combination with the Skin Cleaning conductive gel exploits light radiation to cure acne, pimples and spots and in general for skin rejuvenation. The colors of the LED lights are used: Red-Green-Blue.
Red light produces a bio-stimulating effect. It counteracts the processes of cellular degeneration, ideal for facial rejuvenation. It stimulates the dermis to produce more collagen and elastin.
The green light generates an anti-aging and restructuring action, increasing uniformly the brightness and tone of the skin. Reduces lines of expression, wrinkles or scars.
The blue light reduces the aesthetic effects of post acne, has an antibacterial action, ideal for skin purification

The micro vibrations at a frequency of 12,000 rpm per second in the deep dermis, have the ability to soften and dilate the pores facilitating a cleansing action.
The Relax program activated on Bioware Face Lifter ensures pleasant and effective micro massages to the face. The latter help to facilitate the discharge of secretion of sebum, removing deep into acne and blackheads, pimples and residues of cosmetics, promoting the reduction of bags under the eyes, skin firming, improving brightness, moisture, elasticity. They are also able to effectively prevent the appearance of wrinkles and all the phenomena associated with sagging skin.

Cosmetic skin care products are more effective at working on the outer layers of the skin. Biowave Face Lifter works deeper, conveying the creams' active ingredients in the layers below the skin, where new collagen and elastin fibers are generated, the action of the device, through ultrasound and photonic therapies, stimulates the natural production of new fibers and collagen.

Biowave System treatments consist of a set of procedures, methods and therapeutic practices to restore, maintain or improve the health of the skin. To determine the treatment, consult the Biowave Skyn Guide publication included in the kit and follow the diagram below:

The goal you want to achieve
Selection of one or more programs on the instrument
Bio cosmetics to be used for therapy
The mode of execution
The duration of treatment required (in minutes)
The frequency of treatment over time (daily, weekly, monthly)

The Biowave System treatments are mainly directed to the care of the skin of the face, however the system can also be applied to treat the cutaneous laxes of the neck and the décolleté as well as to reduce cellulite.

Biowave System can: treat dehydrated and oily skin with Iontophoresis Clean + Photon Led Blue - Reduce wrinkles and furrows of the skin with Ionophoresis technology - Make Skin Peeling to regenerate skin and reduce wrinkles with Micromassages and 8% glycolic acid - Treat acne with Biophotonic technology - Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes with ionophoresis + biophotonics + ultrasound therapy - Biophotonics to lighten skin spots and to treat hyperpigmentation and ephelidae - Treat skin laxity of neck and décolleté with ultrasound - Treat cellulite with creams and ultrasounds.

In Biowave Skyn Guide Biowave System publication you can find a collection of treatments with indications on cosmetics applications, use of the Biowave Face Lifter beauty device, methods, frequencies and times of use, also in the BLOG section of the NEWSKYN.COM website you can find numerous articles, written by experts, full of information and suggestions on skin care issues.

Biowave Face Lifter to treat acne uses the LED Photon program. The BLUE light has an excellent effect to treat acne and kill bacteria, it can regulate the secretion of skin sebum and effectively eliminate acne.
Step 1:
Apply the Skin Cleaning gel to the areas to be treated. Turn on BioWave Face Lifter and press the "MODE" button until "PHOTON" flashes. Press "SHIFT" and choose the BLUE light. Remember to press "CONFIRM" or the light will turn off automatically after 30 seconds. Slowly move the machine around the treated area for 5 minutes.
Step 2:
Press "MODE" to select the "PHOTON" function again. Press "SHIFT" and select the RED light. Press "CONFIRM". Slowly massage the treated area for another 5 minutes

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